Sitara Holla

Bombay Jam



Location: Bay Area, California

Certifications/Qualifications: Bombay Jam®, teaching/choreographing dance at my workplace and community events, part of the dance/choreography team in university, been doing Zumba for few years

Cities where i teach: Milpitas, CA

About me: Fitness is ingrained in the way I live. My passions include hiking, biking and dancing! I have been dancing from a very young age, teaching/choreographing dance informally at my workplace as well as community events. I have been a long time Bombay Jam student, but super stoked about being an instructor now as the unique format of this platform combines two of my passions – dance + fitness! I also like the fact that its not just into cardio, but also gets into strength training & working muscle groups! I’ve always been a Bollywood buff and to be able to groove to their amazing mixes, burn calories, get stronger & motivate students to get fitter, I see it as win win win situation! Recently, I’ve been teaching at the Milpitas MKC studio. Come join me for a heart pumping class!

My fitness philosophy:To me fitness is not about losing/gaining weight, it’s about getting stronger to be able to lead a healthy life! Consistent great physical health supports mental health!