Radhika Palani

Bombay Jam, Bombay Jam Seniors


Email: radhika.palani@gmail.com

Location: Bay Area, California

Certifications/Qualifications: First Aid/CPR/AED, Bombay Jam®

Cities where i teach: Cupertino, CA

About me: I am a software engineer by profession. Bombay Jam® is my first venture into the fitness domain and I couldn’t be more excited!

As a Bombay Jam® instructor and student I assure this is the best way to keep fit and maintain it in the long run! I have seen results and so I would encourage everyone to try it.

Bombay Jam® is an incredibly fun, addictive and effective workout to achieve your fitness goals. Drop into Bombay Jam® class and experience it for yourself!

My fitness philosophy: Do what you enjoy. Do it slowly and regularly!