Devika Nair

Bombay Jam



Location: Bay Area, California

Certifications/Qualifications: Bombay Jam® certified since June 2016. Zumba and CPR certified. Have learnt Bharathanatyam from 6 yrs through High school.

Cities where i teach: Southlake, Texas

About me: I was always passionate about dance- be it any dance form- western or classical. After getting certified as a Bombay Jam instructor in 2016, I have gained this amazing confidence to spread my love for dance with others. I feel dance based fitness is the best as it doesn’t feel like doing an exercise. Also, it helps in releasing those endorphins which keeps us happy and stress-free (which is so necessary these days!) I have done many dance based fitness in the past and truly believe Bombay Jam® is a fitness routine that everyone will enjoy and likely to stick with forever (especially since it’s packed with cardio and toning)! “Come join my class and be a part of all the energy and enthusiasm and together let’s get fit and healthy while having loads of fun!”

My fitness philosophy: Fitness is feeling good – both on the inside and outside. Working out doesn’t have to be work- find something you love to do and keep at it!