Deepa Ranjani Prabu

Bombay Jam, Bombay Jam Seniors



Location: Bangalore

Certifications/Qualifications: Bombay Jam®,
Indian classical Bharatanatyam Dancer. I have completed my Arangetram in Bharatanatyam at my 11th age; gave performances in various school/college competitions and won prizes. Gave Bharatanatyam performances in various events,
Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED.

Cities where i teach: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

About me: Dancing is always my passion. I choose dance as my fitness journey which can tone the body and reduce weight at the same time. Bombay Jam® makes the path to reach my goal interesting and easy.

Begun my journey as a Bombay Jam student; in few classes I started seeing difference in myself. That motivated me to do Bombay Jam® for my whole life. Being Bombay Jam® instructor makes me stick to the fitness routine and join with similar mind friends who likes fun way to be fit.

My fitness philosophy: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind !