Ambili Rasu

Bombay Jam, Bombay Jam Seniors



Cities (Live/work): Bay Area, California

Certifications/Qualifications: Bharatnatyam dancer, Yoga teacher

Cities where i teach: Hayward, Zoom

About me: Bombay Jam® is one of the best Bollywood dance fitness programs. I love Bombay Jam because I enjoy Bollywood music and dance since childhood!
However, I weighed 204 pounds back in 2013 caused by stress, medications, and lack of active lifestyle; But then I lost 72 pounds in 2 years with walking and nutrition alone, and slowly weaned out of all medications back in 2015. I was not even a jogger but saw myself transform from a couch potato to running 8 half-marathons and two full marathons in 1.5 years thereafter. I realized deeply that healthy food, mindfulness, and the right type of exercise are the true medicines! So, if I can do it, you can do it!
The most precious thing I love about being a Bombay Jam® instructor is the opportunity to motivate and inspire others to stay fit and active in a fun and safe way! Dance is an expression of our emotions; If we can channel our built-up energies, especially the negative ones, into dance energies, we cannot, not feel good again! Exercise triggers tons of biochemical reactions in our body, from regulating hormones to losing weight, and thus is the core of a healthy body and mind.
Bombay Jam is super fun and it has a very powerful healing effect on our mind and body since it is the chemistry of music, dance, cardio, and toning all in one hour!
Come join us…we can’t wait to dance with you 🙂

Fitness Philosophy: The body achieves what the mind believes