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The certification is filled with learning, dancing and working. It will be intense, yet fabulously fun and rewarding!

The Bombay Jam® certification includes:

  • Master Class
  • Practical intensives on Bollywood dance fundamentals and toning essentials
  • Theory sessions that cover essential safety aspects of teaching fitness, technique and coaching
  • Workshops and interactive games
  • Pro tips on being a fabulous instructor & starting your career
  • Testing: written exam and two demos
To gain the maximum benefits from the Bombay Jam® certification, we recommend participants be moderately fit. Come rested and hydrated, and dressed to work out. The live training will allow for two-way communication and training. Full training details and agenda available upon registration.

Join our incredible community of Bombay Jam® instructors. We are going to rock your fitness world, Bollywood style!


Get certified to teach kids ages 3-10, and inspire the next generation to be healthy and active! Packed with all the incredible features of the Bombay Jam® program and designed for kids, this specialty, half-day certification will widen your audience, and you can meet the high demand for kids’ workouts.

Pre-Requisite: Complete and pass the Bombay Jam® certification.


The trainings are offered as 1 day or 2 day formats. In the one day training, the testing is conducted offline.

Additionally, content release breakdown is included in the monthly release workshops and is not included in the 1 day certification.

Kids Specialty Certification: This is a half day training.
STEP - 1


Sign up for an upcoming certification
STEP - 2


You will receive preparation materials (theory and two routines to demo) ten days prior to training
STEP - 3


Training is one or two days of learning, dancing & working! You will also complete the written exam and demos
STEP - 4


You will get your evaluation results a week after training!


AFAA instructors: 12 CEUs for in-person training and 5 CEUs for Bombay Jam®️ NOW training

NASM instructors: 1.2 CEUs for in-person training and .5 CEUs for Bombay Jam®️ NOW training


Instructors that pass certification are required to pay $75 on a quarterly basis for content releases and to maintain certification status.

The Kids Specialty Certification is $40 on a quarterly basis for content releases and to maintain certification status.