Cities (Live/work): Fremont, CA & San Mateo, CA

Certifications/Qualifications: Bombay Jam®! Zumba, couple of year of Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance) experience during high school.

Teaching Experience: Started teaching Bombay Jam® in February 2014. I have been teaching Zumba since 2012.

Fitness Philosophy: FItness starts in your head. It does not have to be just a crunch or push up – pick what ever makes you happy! if you treat your body right it will treat you well in return.

About: I am a software engineer by profession but dancing and fitness has always been a great passion for me and every time i am in a Bombay Jam® class i felt like i am partying.I always enjoyed it being a student and then one day i decide why not be an instructor and take my passion and interest to a different level..and here i am with certification!

When I am in the class i have fun to the peaks and make sure everybody does too! It’s all about having fun and getting in shape. Wow, sounds amazing right? Who would not love this. Come join me to enjoy and shed those extra calories off your body!

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