Cities (Live/work):   West Chester, PA

Certifications/Qualifications: Bombay Jam®, Zumba Fitness®, National Presenter for Zumba Fitness®, Featured Bollywood dancer on Zumba® DVD & Video Game.

Teaching Experience:  A National Presenter & Instructor for Zumba® Fitness since 2011. Teaching workshops for other instructors focused on Bollywood/Bhangra (2011-13) & The Beauty of the Dance (2016-present). Teaching regular Zumba® Fitness classes at local gyms & studios.

Fitness Philosophy: Fitness is a state of mind and a way of life; It is not something you just add to your to-do list, it is how you live and approach living.

About: I have always been quite shy and plagued with self-doubt. But several years ago, I found myself teaching Bollywood/Bhangra workshops to Zumba® instructors. I said yes to something I had never done, or imagined I could do. I didn’t have the training, but I had passion for the music and rhythms. I began teaching and It changed everything for me; how I saw myself self and how I interacted with the world. It was a transformational gift, and one that I now hope to share with others through Bombay Jam®.

I have learned there is nothing more beautiful or sexy than self-assurance. When you feel good in your own skin, when you find beauty in who you are, imperfections and all, that is when you begin to glow. The body needs to move and sweat, and my goal in teaching is to help you do that and to achieve a level of healthy fitness. But I also have a broader objective; I want you to find your own inner spark and nourish it.

To that end, these are the “philosophies” around which I focus my classes:

No perfection – The class is not about getting every step right; while it is important to develop correct form when we are focused on toning, when we dance it is about feeling good and being free.  A sense of perfection can bind us. Risk. Open yourself up to failure and you will find you have won.  It is liberating.

No judgement – we are not there to compare ourselves to each other or to the instructor.  This is your own fitness journey. Your measure is yourself – where you began and where you hope to go. I also want my class to be a space for you to discover what is wonderful about you; your light, your style, your joy.  There is no one quite like you, so be so wholly you.

No negative self-talk – get rid of the “I can’t.”  Let go of your mind, and your body will follow.  I promise.  Each time you step into class you will be moving a step closer to your goals.  Be patient and believe.

No worries – Leave your worries (and guilt) at the door, you can pick them back up on your way out, but give that hour to yourself to be unburdened, free, and good to yourself. You deserve it. Know you deserve it.

I will be teaching a 4-week Bombay Jam® session beginning April 9th (Free Demo class on April 2nd) in West Chester, PA. Contact me for further information. You can also find me on FB: Let’s dance, let’s have forget-all-time-kind-of-fun, let’s sweat and feel fabulous!

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