Cities (Live/work): Houston, TX

Certifications/Qualifications: Bombay Jam®, trained in Bollywood, Contemporary and Hip Hop dance with Naach Houston in Sugar Land, TX as well as dancing in the performance team for 2 years. I also trained in pole dance fitness for 3 years at Inner Me studios, Richmond TX. I have always been active in different forms of fitness such as aerobics, boot camps, Zumba, running for charities and swimming.

Teaching Experience: I started assisting Mahesh Mahbubani at Naach Houston from October 2013 in Bombay Jam® fitness and Bollywood fusion dance classes. I have started teaching on my own after the certification and we have started classes at Naach’s new location in Katy, TX. I’m very excited to be teaching Bombay Jam® especially because it is a total body workout, but is also dance based. It is like hiding the vegetables in the food!

Fitness Philosophy: Know your limitations… and then defy them.

About: I love to challenge my body and try to achieve things that I may think impossible at first. I always enjoyed trying out different forms of fitness be it running or Zumba or swimming. Basically I like to just move and shake! I started pole dancing 4 years ago. It was painful, challenging and frustrating; not to mention all the pole bruises. But the more I pushed myself, the better I got. When I started dancing with Naach, I never imagined ever teaching anything dance related. But then Bombay Jam® happened, and now there is no looking back. I think fitness is empowering, especially for women (as most of our students are women) who get caught up with routine and family and neglect themselves and their bodies. I feel dance and fitness changes that routine, gives women a sense of self, breaks stereotypical negative body images of self, helps women perceive themselves in new and positive ways and work towards a common goal.

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