Meal Ideas for Your Next Bombay Jam Dance Workout

January 6, 2016 / no comments

The New Year has come and with it a host of New Year’s Resolutions. So what’s at the top of everyone’s list? Going to the gym. People go to the gym for different reasons: to train, lose weight, or to better their health. But what a lot of people take issue with is that the gym routine can get boring. How many times can you run on the treadmill or climb the elliptical? At Bombay Jam, exercise meets fun with our dance workout.

At Bombay Jam we incorporate Bollywood music and top 40 for a new, fun, and fresh dancing blend. Bombay Jam was created by choreographers and Bollywood dancers who wanted to share this exciting blend of dance and exercise with other dance enthusiasts.

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7 Power Foods for your Dance Exercise Routine – Bombay Jam

August 20, 2015 / one comment

You’ve finally signed up for your first Bombay Jam dance exercise class. Congratulations! You’ve taken a huge leap forward on your way to getting healthy and having fun while you’re at it. But as any doctor or health nut will tell you, a great exercise routine can only do so much without a healthy diet in place. Sure, many people with rigid fitness routines end up eating healthier as a byproduct of their new habit, but plenty of people don’t, thinking exercise is the sole obstacle on the way to getting leaner, fitter and healthier.


So check out these seven power foods that can help fuel your new Bombay Jam dance exercise routine!

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