What’s the Fitness Instructor Certification Process Really Like?

January 6, 2016 / no comments

Do you enjoy working hard and sweating it out? Do you like to bust a groove? Do you think you have what it takes to motivate a group of people looking for tools toward self-improvement? As a fitness instructor, you are front and center with people looking to you for guidance and encouragement. With our fitness instructor certification program, we prepare you with training specializing in Bollywood dance fundamentals.

As instructors our motto is: “Learn, teach, and inspire!” We are ready to sink our teeth into every Bollywood dance fitness challenge. Are you?

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An Inside Scoop on the Dance Instructor Certification

February 25, 2016 / no comments

You decided to become a dance instructor because you were inspired to help others find their groove. After participating in a wide selection of dance-centric group exercise classes on your own, you learned that boogying your way to good health was as entertaining as it was meditative. You wondered how you didn’t think of this sooner. After all, your desire to inspire others equals your thirst for inspiration, and what better way to do that than motivate countless people to improve their health through the rhythmic sways of Bollywood?

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How to Become a Dance Fitness Instructor with Bombay Jam

February 25, 2016 / no comments

Dance fitness exercise flavored with Bollywood’s lively style and Top 40 tunes is the new infectious buzz in the group workout community. If you love group exercise, and believe you have what it takes to be a fierce trainer who can motivate the masses, you might have thought about how to become a dance fitness instructor. But with all the programs out there and means of making dance fitness your career, it’s understandable you might be overwhelmed with options.

Allow us to simplify your decision.

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6 Benefits of Getting Your Fitness Instructor Certification – Bombay Jam

August 20, 2015 / 4 comments

If you’ve always had a thing for authentic Bollywood music, enjoy the upbeat jams of Top 40 music and want to incorporate both into an action-packed cardio and toning dance routine, you may be the type of instructor we’re looking for. As founders of Bombay Jam, we put our heart, sweat and soul into this awesome dance program. Now we’re just looking for passionate instructors to spread the joy wherever they live.


Take a look at these six benefits of getting your Bombay Jam dance fitness instructor certification.

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How to Become a Bombay Jam Instructor – Getting a Fitness Certification

October 13, 2015 / no comments

If you’ve attended any of our Bombay Jam workouts then you probably know how infectious our routines and customized music tracks are! But mostly, I’m sure you’ve noticed how dynamic our Bombay Jam instructors are. While they may seem like rock stars in the studio, the truth is that they are all regular people who come from varying walks of life. We’re proud to have instructors of all ages, ethnicities, and fitness backgrounds. Some of them do this as a hobby and others as a full-time career. And, believe it or not, you can easily join their ranks! People who get their fitness training certification with Bombay Jam are able to set their own hours in a location of their choosing. Teaching Bombay Jam is a great way to earn a living, stay fit, and truly enjoy yourself in the process.

Who are Bombay Jam instructors?

Most of our Bombay Jam instructors have a few things in common. They’re incredibly friendly people who are truly passionate about spreading the joys of dance and fitness to others. Many of our instructors came into the role without any prior teaching experience—and that’s totally okay! All you need is motivation, passion, rhythm, and an inspiring attitude about fitness. Like many professions, teaching Bombay Jam requires hard work but it also provides an immense reward both in your own fitness gains and in those of your students. If you’re sociable, enthusiastic about dance and fitness, and ready to put in the work, then this might be the right opportunity for you.

The Process

Getting a fitness training certification with Bombay Jam is a simple yet thorough process that will teach you all the toning techniques, dance routines, coaching, and safety you need to conduct a top notch fitness class. Our certification process is a blend of practical workout sessions, interactive games, high-level theory, and open workshops. We do this to create a well-rounded atmosphere in which you can learn the Bombay Jam program. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Register – The first step is simply to Register for an upcoming certification.

Step 2: Study and Prepare – Ten days prior to your certification training, we’ll send you a packet of study materials, which includes our theory behind the program as well as two Bombay Jam routines. You’ll have to learn those two routines and demo them at the training.

Step 3: Attend Training – This is where you get to show off the hard work you have put in over the past ten days. Come into your two-day certification rested, hydrated and dressed for fitness success! Your training will be jam-packed with intense learning and dancing. You’ll pick up valuable tips on how to become an effective instructor as well as how to go about starting your fitness instructor career. You’ll be required to complete a written exam and demo two dances to finish training.

Step 4: Get your Results Back – Phew, you got through the gauntlet! Sit tight and we’ll send you your evaluation results a week after your training.

Since our certification program has been approved by Master Trainers from national organizations such as the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and curated from authentic choreographers raised in the center of the Bollywood film industry, you know you’re getting the real deal when you get certified for Bombay Jam.

Start a career path that keeps you in shape and improves the health of many by registering to get your Bombay Jam fitness instructor certification today!