An Inside Scoop on the Dance Instructor Certification

February 25, 2016 / no comments

You decided to become a dance instructor because you were inspired to help others find their groove. After participating in a wide selection of dance-centric group exercise classes on your own, you learned that boogying your way to good health was as entertaining as it was meditative. You wondered how you didn’t think of this sooner. After all, your desire to inspire others equals your thirst for inspiration, and what better way to do that than motivate countless people to improve their health through the rhythmic sways of Bollywood?

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How Bombay Jam Differs from Other Dance Exercise Classes

February 25, 2016 / no comments

When you hear the word dance, what do you think of? Some people might be taken back to junior high, where at a Hollywood-themed party they had their first slow dance, others might go the pop culture route, remembering Elaine Benes’ famous party jig. At Bombay Jam, when we hear the word dance we think of the colorful, bright sets of Bollywood films, and the many vibrant garments swaying enthusiastically to infectious music.

Inspired by this play between music and movement, Bombay Jam was born into a dance exercise class that offers participants an immersive, exciting experience. Dancing is more than frolicking about, it’s self-expression in its truest form. Continue Reading…