My Weight Loss Journey – A Personal Story by Mohini Bogineni

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I am a mother, a working professional and a wife yet the biggest challenge I have ever faced was trying to lose weight. Like many women my age, I had struggled with being overweight most of my adult life, through two pregnancies and post-pregnancies.

I tried several fitness centers but often it felt I had to get into shape just to enter the gym. Getting myself in the door was hard enough, but once there, I found most group-fitness instructors to be cold and impersonal. Working out on my own was extremely boring. Over the years, I have tried Taebo, Total Gym, Bow Flex, Pilates and the list goes on. Nothing stuck.

Then I discovered Bombay Jam. Bombay Jam is a unique total body workout that is set against the backdrop of the latest Bollywood music/remixes. It is absolutely fun and allows me to forget that I am in a gym working out- it feels more like I am out dancing. The instructors are absolutely wonderful and I enjoy it so much that even after being at it for several years, I still look forward to
my one hour of power packed fun every day.

Discovering a work out that suited my needs led to victory after victory. I lost over 70 pounds in 12 months. I lost all that weight the all-natural way – by working out and eating right. More importantly, I have kept it off for – you heard it right! I went from size 14 to size 0. I have cut my risk for diabetes and heart disease considerably, which are very prevalent in the South Asian diaspora. Best of all, Bombay Jam allows me to have all the energy I needBefore After to keep up with my little ones and work full-time.

Because Bombay Jam continues to innovate and develop their program, I am able to continue my weight loss journey without losing interest. They create new content every quarter which means my body does not get used to any one set of movements (which can make a workout ineffectual after a while).

My transformation would not have been possible without Bombay Jam. I’ve learned that it is really important to find a workout regimen that works for you and that you can stay committed to in order to find weight loss success. I am not going to say the old cliché – If I can do it anyone can do it but I am sure I can’t be the only one who loves to dance and wants to get to a healthy weight. All I am going to say is you owe it to yourself to give Bombay Jam a shot.

Bollywood 101: Terms You Should Know

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If you’ve been following movie and music trends for the past few years, then you would know that Bollywood is quickly becoming a popular influence in the Western world. Bollywood dance has been embraced by the Emmy-award winning Fox show, So You Think You Can Dance; AR Rahman’s soundtrack for the hit movie Slumdog Millionaire was incredibly well received in the United States; and now, infamous Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is the lead of a new ABC drama called Quantico.

So what exactly is Bollywood? Bollywood encompasses the Hindi-speaking subset of Indian cinema. The industry’s bright colors, catchy songs, riveting dance numbers, and feel-good love stories have captured the hearts of many around the world.

Learning the background of such an iconic industry will be helpful when it comes time to sway to the rhythmic beats of our Bollywood exercise DVD. If you want to become a Bollywood pro, here are some terms you should know.

Bollywood: Hindi films consisting of a variety of song and dance numbers. Bollywood films usually deploy a melodramatic plot and are often referred to as commercial.

Bollywood dancing: The commercial name for modern Indian dance. Bollywood dance is eclectic in nature as it draws on classical Indian forms of dance as well as Western genres like jazz, hip hop, and contemporary.

Masala Filmbollywood 101: Masala is the Hindi word for “spice.” Masala films have everything—romance, comedy, action, drama, songs, dances, thrills, and of course, melodrama. They are commercially successful and aim to please as wide an audience as possible. They are often considered mainstream in relation to other Bollywood films.

Bhangra – Bhangra is a folk dance originating from the Indian state of Punjab. It’s a high-impact, high-energy, aerobic style of dance which involves a lot of jumps and high knees. Bhangra music and dance is often incorporated into Bollywood. Bhangra also has a sizable presence in Western music.

Hindi – The most widely spoken language of India. Bollywood films and song are all done in Hindi.

Urdu – Urdu is Hindi’s close cousin. It is very similar to Hindi and widely spoken in India’s neighboring country, Pakistan. Urdu has a large presence in Indian poetry, and therefore makes a recurring appearance in Bollywood films and music.

Filmfare Awards – The Filmfare Awards is Bollywood’s version of the Oscars, but perhaps even more glamorous. The Filmfare Awards feature appearances by all major Bollywood stars as well as elaborate song and dance performances by a variety of celebrities.

DDJL – DDLJ is the acronym for the quintessential Bollywood rom-com, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (“The Brave-Hearted Will Take the Bride”). Yes it’s a mouthful, but it’s a Bollywood must see. Starring heartthrob Shahrukh Khan, the movie follows the tale of a young couple who meet and fall in love during a vacation in Europe and all the complications which ensue thereafter. Till this date, DDLJ holds the world record for the longest-running film in theaters—a whopping 1009 weeks (almost 20 years)—due to its widespread popularity.

Mumbai/Bombay – Mumbai and Bombay are two names for the same city. Mumbai is the center of the Bollywood industry much like LA is the home of Hollywood.

Item Numbers – A signature feature of Bollywood movies, item numbers refer to dance numbers within a film that don’t necessarily lend themselves to the plot. These songs often end up becoming chart toppers in India as they are catchy and fun to dance to. The music videos will include vibrant choreography and colorful costumes.

Tumka – Don’t be confused if you hear this word thrown around a Bollywood dance fitness class. It’s a fun, classic Bollywood dance move which involves moving your hips from side to side. Take a few of our Bombay Jam classes and you’ll quickly master this iconic dance step in no time!

Do you feel more acquainted with Bollywood and Indian culture? Pair your newfound knowledge with our Bollywood exercise DVD today to learn the popular moves in Bollywood films!

5 Reasons you’re Not Exercising and How to Solve Them

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it’s incredibly common to feel like you don’t have enough time to workout–in fact, not having enough time is cited as a big reason why most adults don’t exercise enough. It’s a hectic world. You probably have many legitimate reasons for why your time is at a premium. However, fewer things have more of a long-term impact on your mental and physical health then exercising. Maintaining an exercise routine should be a top priority for any person, despite whatever reasons he or she may be using to avoid the task.

Here are the top five reasons you’re not exercising and how to overcome them.

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