5 Reasons You’ll Love Our Dance Workout Videos – Bombay Jam

July 20, 2014 / no comments

In our opinion, nothing beats working out in a physical gym with classmates, blaring Bollywood tunes and moving as hard as you can with to an instructor’s guidance — but the next best thing you can do is experience the non-stop grooves of Bombay Jam from the comfort of your anywhere.

It’s been an exciting process launching Bombay Jam dance fitness workouts. From fusing traditional Bollywood music and Top 40 hits, to choreographing dance moves and refining the fitness curriculum, believe us when we say it’s all been a long time coming. But at the moment, the demand for Bollywood dance fitness classes is exceeding our supply as we’re currently in the process of building up our pool of talented certified dance fitness instructors. So while we still have a large list of classes available in select areas of the country, we’d hate for anyone outside of those areas to be withheld the power and joy that is Bombay Jam.


Check out five reasons why you’ll like our Bombay Jam dance workout videos below.


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